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PIPE DREAMS - vs reality

AL GORE - Sucks at Photoshop: Reverse Hurricanes, Central America, and Greenland Ice are gone.

A REMINDER - Not to confuse facts with fiction!

STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH 3.0 - Great Speech Mr. President, unfortunately, your actions the last three years speak much louder than your words tonight!

AND THEN..... - I described what a perfect presidency I achieved (in my pipe dreams)

Detroit -

WORLD'S SHORTEST BOOKS: - Things we know to be true. by Al Gore and John Kerry

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THE DEMOCRATIC PLEDGE... - They are now supposedly working on one at the suggestion of Bill Clinton. This is what it should look like, lets compare and see if this ends up being another "DREAM ACT"

SOTU speech -

obama peddling fiction -

A.I. -

Marco Robio -